Book Reports

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Here are a couple of books I read & was greatly edified by; everyone who reads them will better understand the current state of things in the US & how it got that way.

This one is a page-flipper if you’re of Celtic descent, or are just intrigued by “lost civilizations”.
From the Classics file:
Here is a pair of books about history—wait, don’t tune out yet; they’re really quite fascinating!
If you’re interested in recent financial history—& who wouldn’t be?—Michael Lewis is the guy to read.  He manages to make this muddy subject both clear & interesting.  Liar’s Poker, The Big Short, & Flash Boys all deal w/ Wall St. while Boomerang is about the echoes of the 2008 crash elsewhere in the world.  Lewis is also the author of The Blind Side & Moneyball, so at latest count 3 of his books were made into movies.  You will be both educated & entertained.

Imagine getting away with turning in a 1 paragraph book report.  Vive la liberté!