Ludwig van Beethoven

1770 – 1827
L van Beethoven

Beethoven’s father in Bonn, Germany, tried to turn him into another Wolfgang Mozart, sometimes dragging the boy out of bed to practice when he came home drunk.  However, he did not manage to sour young Ludwig on music, & with teaching he became accomplished enough at 16 to meet Mozart, whom he impressed with his piano improvisations.  Despite being a famously insensitive person, he composed some of the most sensitive & beautiful music there is.

The piece called Leonore is from a complete score for orchestra that was taken out of circulation by the S.L. County library system & somehow ended up in my lap.  I tackled it a few years ago, & made it sound pretty good ... but I recently went over it again & made it even better.  It is alone on its own album.

Besides that, here are several of Uncle Ludwig’s piano sonatas, for which he is justly renowned, as well as 3 sonatinas well known to students.


Three Sonatinas

Piano Sonata No. 4

Piano Sonata No. 8

Piano Sonata No. 14

Piano Sonata No. 19

Piano Sonata No. 21

Piano Sonata No. 23

Piano Sonata No. 26