Chris Cannon – Original Tunes

composer portrait

Here is all the music from the CD many people got (Pütertünz), plus about ½ a CD’s worth of follow-up (Digitales).  They were all made on the computer, & with some of them, you can tell (ha-ha) ... in about ½ those cases that’s actually intentional.  Also, here are 2 collections of tunes that I have come up with since actually learning to play the piano.

The trax on the “rock albums” were encoded at a higher bitrate than the others here (192 instead of 128).  It makes for slightly bigger files, but the sound quality is much higher; some of the tunes are fairly dense, musically speaking.

These are free to hear & download, but they’re under copyright so, y’know ... don’t try to sell ’em & stuff.




Pianoworx II

Fringe Elements