Jan Ladislav Dussek

1760 – 1812
J Dussek

Jan Dussek was around in Mozart’s time & was, it is said, the first important Bohemian composer for piano.  Like many of the musicians of that era, he traveled all over Europe performing, & was a teacher as well.

According to Wikipedia: “Harold Schonberg wrote that he was the first pianist to sit at the piano with his profile to the audience, earning him the appellation ‘le beau visage’.  All subsequent pianists have sat on stage in this manner.”

He also had a musical wife, Sophia, & daughter, Olivia, both of whom played & composed for the harp.

From him I have six sonatinas (little sonatas) & six big ones.  I have also included compositions by the Dussek ladies, mainly a few of Sophia’s harp sonatas.

Six Sonatinas

Three Early Sonatas

Three Sonatas – Op. 35

Sophia Dussek:
Three Harp Sonatas