“Help Desk”

Some problems you will hopefully never have


When I made this site I could download a song by clicking the link; then one day I did that & a player opened up instead—it turned out to be Adobe Flash, which had installed itself as the browser’s player without my knowledge, let alone consent.

Anyway, the way around this situation is to right-click (on a Mac Ctrl+click) on the link, then from the little menu select “Save Link [As]...”, & that should bring up the save box.

Clicking—touching—the link on my mobile phone starts a download; if necessary, the way to right-click is a 2-finger touch (which brings up Save Link), again on my Android machine.  I think i-phones are like that; if you have something else, you probably know how to work it, & if you have a Nokia ... you have also my sympathy.


The Yahoo player seems to work well enough, as long as you’ve got bandwidth (even on wifi); just click its play button to hear the whole album, or select any individual piece from the buttons on the page, or from the player’s playlist.  It tends to skip any tune that doesn’t load right away, though, so you’ll have to use the button next to the link to maintain continuity if that happens.  I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to ensure the integrity of the links, so it’s not me—at least not anymore.

It has so far passed testing on Firefox, Chrome & Safari, along w/ the generic Web2Go phone browser.  I will never bother to test it on IE, because Microsnot’s lame-o excuse for a browser is still a buggy & insecure piece of shit & everybody should stop using it.

I chose to use this player because it plays whole albums, in order, just by reading the page code & noticing links to mp3s ... pretty cool.  But it has the same problems as any streaming application: bandwidth irregularities will cause stuttering or stalling, & often enough choke-ups occur from basically nothing.  So if you want to hear these things more’n once, you should download ’em.

There are plugins, add-ons &c. that will prevent the player from appearing.  One I had was AdBlock; you have to tell it to allow scripts from this domain (xcannon.5gbfree.com).  If that isn’t an option, you may have to disable whatever cranklet is causing the problem—at least temporarily—that is, if you want to hear something before downloading it.

There was, in fact, quite a bit of drama—even trauma—involved with the use of Yahoo WebPlayer in 2013; I damn near had a coronary event myself until I discovered how to get around the problem.

Other Issues:

I’ve tried to design relatively simple pages that display well on all devices; but I really can’t be troubled to check which kind of device is being used, & make adjustments for each of them.  I mean, it’d be a fun project, & if I ever undertake it, you’ll see the results here.  But for now, wider screens are going to have wide paragraphs, & little ones, like your phone, are going to have narrow paragraphs.  As much as I’d love to pretend I meant it, it’s really just an unfixed issue, which may or may not get fixed.  I care much, much more about the way this site sounds than how it looks.