Wolfgang A. Mozart

1756 – 1791
W A Mozart

Here are all 18 of Mozart’s piano sonatas, in 2 giant albums ... & more.

As you hear these the first time, it may seem like they all sound the same; but that’s probably only because you’re not used to it.  The more you listen, the more you will perceive how creative & original this gifted young man was.   The 2nd movements in particular stand out as unique.

You’ll also notice how indomitably cheerful most of this stuff is; & after a while you will likely find yourself whistling little parts of it.

It may be observed that all the of the first movements of the sonatas—excepting #11—are in classic sonata form, with only two that don’t repeat the B section; likewise many of the other movements.

Piano Sonatas Vol. 1

Piano Sonatas Vol. 2

Themes & Variations

Mozart Singles