Sons of Bach

W.F. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, J.C. Bach

J. Sebastian had 3 sons who followed him into the field of musical performance & composition.  Carl Philipp perfected the galant style of keyboard sonata; Joseph Haydn was a great fan of his work.  Johann (aka John) Christian was a master of the rococo style; among his admirers was Wolfgang Mozart.

Wilhelm Friedemann was apparently a fairly difficult person; it is generally thought, though, that of the 3 sons of the mighty Bach, his work was the most original & elegant.

These sonatas were chosen in a thoroughly arbitrary fashion; one assumes any others would be about as good.

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach  1710 – 1784
Sonata in D

1-Un poco allegro 



Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach  1714 – 1788
Sonata in E



3-Vivace di molto 

Johann Christian Bach  1735 – 1782
Sonata in B♭




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