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a vague chronology of events on the site


April:  Big-time retraction of the 3rd entry of the Stupid Stuff page.  Finally researched it as I should have, & here I humbly report only that I bought into a very old urban legend.

March:  Updated my name to Xeno in the required places.  Decided my original music shall no longer be available for theft on the Internet, & edited this page accordingly; when it’ll be available for purchase is yet to be determined.  I’ve had a tough time with computers & their hardware in the past several months, but there may be some more Bach forthcoming.

Also, there would appear to be a necessity for an update on the Yahoo player: it seems to have stopped working at this point.  Stey touned.


Nothing happened on this site in 2017.  But I sequenced all of Bach’s English & French Suites, & got the English ones recorded before my elderly digital system crapped out.  After that, I sequenced Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier.  That’s right, both books.


July:  The 1st: Uploaded corrected version of Handel’s Sarabande (Misc.); I missed one (1) note.

June:  Fixed glitch where 3 of the tunes were unavailable.  Discovered, made, & posted full version of Handel’s Sarabande (Misc.).

April:  Finally got this thing back in working order, by putting it up on github.

January:  2 new book reports.  Oh yeah!

New web host—a nest of vipers called 5gbfree.com—deliberately breaks site (twice), trying to force the unwary to fork out $$ for support &/or account upgrade, to “rescue” their supposedly free site: pretty much a bait-&-switch.  Many days of downtime; finally moved it all to a storage venue, where it was musically defunct for a few months.  1 of these days I will post an incident report, raking those creeps over the coals.  Stay tuned.


Late December:  Relocation & major additions: abandoning Chinese web host; provision of long-labored Buxtehude & Kuhnau music (Misc.); which, good luck finding that anywhere else.

August:  Sons of Bach.

July:  Decided Dussek’s 8th sonata looked lonely; gave it a couple of friends to hang with.

June:  After laptop breakdown, Mr. CS degree takes a few months to figure out how to write pages & FTP on this here newfangled telephone.  Added 3 sonatas by Jan Dussek & another by Beethoven (his 4th); finally uploaded the last batch o’ stoopid stuff.

February:  Added another tune by Sergei to Sergei & Friends (Misc.); finally found a lasting solution to the C. Hitchens book link problems; & yes, more stupid stuff.

January:  Deciphered, sequenced & uploaded Henry Purcell’s harpsichord suites (Misc.); file count: 428.  New book report; more stupid stuff.


December:  19 sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti; 3 harp sonatas by Sophia Dussek & 1 harp tune by Olivia Buckley, Jan Dussek’s wife & daughter.

Also: finally repaired the last pop in Beethoven’s 21st pt. 3 (start-to-finish the biggest pain-in-the-ass of the 393 files so far), & added an ‘s’ to “Mussorgky” (mp3 tags) on the Sergei & Friends (Misc.) album.  Additional site tweaks; more stupid stuff.

Web host begins experiencing service interruptions; a year of mounting displeasure commences.

November:  Added 3 sonatas by Clementi & an album by miscellaneous composers; wrote a page called “People Say Some Stupid Stuff”.  More cosmetic adjustments & a few additional links.

Early September:  The website’s 1st birthday: Evoe!  Added Beethoven’s 26th sonata & Dussek’s 8th.

Late July:  A few textual additions, 1 or 2 corrections, minor stylesheet changes, & a dozen tiny yet meaningful aesthetic adjustments.

Late May:  Finally cranked out an improved version of the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s 21st.

Early May:  Added Beethoven’s 21st sonata.

April:  Overhaul of music front-end; added “What’s New?” page &c.  Moved tunes off of Bach & Beethoven bio pgs, & fixed Leonore, which had a couple of pops + some distortion at the end.

Late March:  Added 6 more sonatinas by Clementi, 3 sonatinas by Beethoven, & an album of Mozart singles; repaired a tiny glitch in the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s 23rd.  Also finally wrote a few book reports.

Early March:  Added Beethoven’s 23rd sonata.

February:  Added Beethoven’s 14th & 19th sonatas.

January:  Completed 60 orbits of the Sun.  Shortly after that, finalized arrangement of Bach singles albums, adding Chaconne in D minor & 2 other trax.


December:  Added 11 Dvořák selections & 83 ragtime tunes; answered a few asinine questions.

November:  Finally finished Mozart sonatas Vol. 1, & later included Mozart themes & variations.

September:  Website—with music pages included—is open for biz.  Started w/ Bach (nearly everything), Mozart (sonatas Vol. 2) & Beethoven (Leonore & 8th sonata), + my own stuff, of course; gradually added Clementi, Dussek & Scarlatti.

August:  Old site—subdomain chcannon.pixub.com—is created & home page w/ silly portrait uploaded.

April:  1st attempt at free music site, which soon fails; apparently at x10 “unlimited” meant “unlimited up to ½ a G, then actually quite limited”.

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